Kerzon Herbarium Candles

  • Baie Charnue
  • Carrote Sauvage
  • Figue Tropicale


This collection of candles by Parisian based perfumer, Kerzon, are inspired by the fruit, vegetable and herb garden. Made from natural, biodegradable wax in a glass vessel.

Available in three scents, please specify:

  • Baie Charnue: Sunny scent of herbs. Blackcurrant with basil and mint.
  • Carrote Sauvage: Sweet and earthy, with notes of clove, bergamot, orange blossom and carrot.
  • Figue Tropicale: A fruity, floral scent with a powdery base note inspired by the scent of hay. 

 - Measures 9cm x 7.5cm diameter / 185g


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