Kerzon Fragranced Votives scented candles

  • Dame de Myrrhe
  • Tour d’Argile


These scented candle from Parisian based perfumers Kerzon are made from natural, biodegradable wax with a cotton wick.

Available in three scents, please specify:

  • Fou d’Encens- diffuses a fresh scent of Camphor on a base note of Incense and Eucalyptus.
  • Dame de Myrrhe- develops a slightly lavender mandarin note, on a base of velvet-like myrrh.
  • Tour d’Argile- envelops your interior with a powdery note of Talc on a green base note coated with Linseed Oil.

    Each candle is 220g and has an approx. burn time of 65 hrs. 

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