Blackwing Limited edition pencil

  • Guy Clark
  • Lake Thoe
  • Grey Jade
  • Green Jade


These limited edition Blackwing pencils come in a variety of colours and styles.

Blackwing 1 Celebrates country singer Guy Clark and his perfectly imperfect style. Blackwing’s first round pencil, (Guy’s preference) features a matte grey washcoat finish that lets the wood grain show through and a “blue collar” eraser that pays tribute to Guy’s favorite blue shirt he wore, and wrote about, proudly.

Blackwing 73 Celebrates Lake Tahoe and other landmarks that have had a comparable impact on arts and society. Each pencil features a Tahoe blue finish and raised texture that mimics the lake’s topography. The number 73 references Lake Tahoe’s last measured Secchi depth of 73 feet. Each pencil features a silver ferrule, white eraser, white imprint and our soft graphite.

Blackwing 205 Celebretes Chinese explorer Zhang Qian set out iIn 138 BCE, on an expedition west. The journey lasted more than 13 years and laid the foundation for the Silk Road. The pencil comes in two Jade finishes. Each cedar pencil features a gold ferrule, black eraser, gold imprint and a firm smooth-writing graphite lead. Chosse from either Grey or Green.

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