Beeswax Candles

  • Standard
  • Stubby
  • Giant Stubby


These hand dipped beeswax candles are made in England, and have a delicious gentle, natural honey scent. All candles are sold in pairs which are joined at the wick to be cut with scissors.

They come in three sizes. The 'Standard' candles fit in standard sized candle holders, the 'Stubby' and 'Giant Stubby' have a base about the size of a tea light. 

Please specify:

  • Standard: h 20cm x w 2.3cm
  • Stubby (burning time approx. 12 hours): h 10cm x w 4.5cm
  • Giant Stubby (burning time approx. 24 hours): h 20cm x w 4.5cm
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