Skandinavisk Scent Diffuser

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  • Koto
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Skandinavisk celebrate the landscape and elements of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Made from a blend of perfume and a non-alcohol based liquid, these reed diffusers from Scandinavian perfumier, Skandinavisk, will scent a room for up to three months.

Available in a variety of scents, please specify:

SKOG - Norwegian/Swedish for 'forest'. Boreal forests cover half of Scandinavia stretching unbroken from the far south to the Arctic Circle. With impressions of pine and fir, aged leather and woodland lily of the valley.
KOTO - The traditional Finnish word for 'cosy at home'. A refuge from the rugged Nordic climate, an intimate space to refresh the soul. KOTO blends delicate notes of Baltic amber and schersmin with exotic mandarin and vanilla. 
FJORD - Coniferous forests, crashing waterfalls and abundant fruits magnify the drama of the Norwegian fjords. With joyous notes of woods and ripening orchards, wild berries, blackcurrants and raspberry flowers.

      To get the most from your scent remove the seal and place the reed sticks into the liquid - the more sticks used the stronger the scent. Then rotate the sticks weekly, using a paper towel to hold them.

       - 200ml of perfume in a glass bottle


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