Spring Greens

Posted: May 12 2018


So you've bought yourself a beautifully vibrant Calathea, Monstera or Maranta, which is settling well into your home, but you've noticed that the glossy sparkle which you first admired has started to fade.

Just like furniture, houseplants require a little attention from the duster from time to time. Especially in homes that are also the roaming ground of a cat or a dog. If dust becomes too thick, it can start to inhibit the plant's natural photosynthesis process.

Regularly misting the leaves of the plant when watering can help to waft away the dust and leads to a natural, healthy appearance.

For an extra shiny and happy looking plant, a mixture of milk and water on a slightly damp cotton cloth can be used to wipe away dust. When left to dry naturally, this solution gives a glossy shine. And don't worry, the solution stays odour free.