Pilea Pepermoides

Posted: May 19 2017



At Nook, we love our plants and this Spring we will be posting on the blog all about the plants you can buy in-store and how to keep them happy and healthy. 

We'll start off with a firm favourite of ours the Pilea Peperomoides. Also known as Chinese Money Plant or Missionary Plant. 

It originates from SW China and W Indies and grows upright up to 30cm or more. It has tiny Green/pink flowers.

Plant Care:

Water approx. once a week, when soil is starting to dry and leaves just start to droop. Don’t let the plant sit in wet soil.

Ideal in partial shade. They are very light-responsive so its good practice to rotate the plant every few days to avoid a slanted stem.

As the plant grows, small suckers might grow from near the base, these can be removed and rooted into new plants in soil or water.