Posted: Jun 19 2017

You may well know it as the Cheeseplant, the Monstera Deliciosa is a climbing shrub with distinctive large leaves, ideal for growing indoors. Its native to Central and South America and in full maturity can grow up to 10 feet tall... if you let it! If you want it grow tall, train it up a moss pole.

Ideally keep Monstera between 18 and 27 degrees. Below this, growth will slow down or stop. 

Best kept in a bright room with plenty of shade, direct sunlight can burn the leaves.

Water only when top soil has dried out. Yellowing of the leaves is a sign that you're watering too much! The plant does like to be kept in a humid environment, mist the leaves if their edges start to brown.

Re-pot every two years in well draining soil and feed monthly to maintain healthy growth. To keep control of the plant's size, cut as many stems as needed back to the node in the spring.