Herb Lester guides the way

Posted: Aug 29 2018

With the temperatures dropping and the Summer Bank Holiday just behind us, it’s time to accept that the summer is drawing to an end.

We find planning a city or day trip is the best remedy to cure the end-of-summer-blues. Something to look forward to and new places to discover. Whether you're planning to go shopping in Stockholm or pottering about in Porto, the beautifully designed compact guides by Herb Lester have got you covered to make the most of your trip.

The folks at Herb Lester don’t mind looking at the past for inspiration. Not only do their covers resemble mid century travel posters, they like to research the old school way; by simply asking cab drivers and concierges for tips and strolling down the smaller alleys of the big city to discover surprising spots. The result is a list of hidden gems you probably won't find on TripAdvisor. From shops, bars and restaurants to galleries and parks; each guide has something for everyone.

Available online and in store.