Posted: Jul 12 2017

With their leaves coming in various dazzling shades of pink and green, Fittonia (or Nerve plants) make a great colourful addition to your home. These plants are native ground cover in South American rain-forests, you could grow yours in a terrarium to imitate these conditions. We love to plant ours in closed terrariums, they love the humid environment. 

Plant Care:

Keep warm (above 13 degrees Celsius) and as humid as possible, use a mister if needed.

Water when topsoil dries out, the roots will rot if over watered, allow water to drain after watering. You might find the plant droops quite dramatically if without enough water, give it a drink, it should perk up! Use water at room temperature, rainwater is ideal.

Fertilise regularly, once every 2 weeks or so. If you are re-potting your Fittonia, use regular indoor potting soil. The soil needs to hold moisture but drain well.

Fittonia are safe for dogs and cats!