Epipremnum Pinatum

Posted: May 26 2017

Continuing our plant care series, today we welcome Epipremnum Pinatum to the blog. Also known as Devil's Ivy. 

Epipremnum Pinatum is a native of South-East Asia, Indonesia and on the Solomon Islands. It has shiny green heart-shaped leaves, sometimes with flame like yellow and white markings. The leaves can either climb or hang. It has been proven that the leaves of Devil's Ivy can take certain harmful substances from the air.

Plant Care:

This plant likes to be warm, ideally at least 15 degrees. It enjoys partial shade, as full sun can burn the leaves.

Only water when the top soil has dried out. If over watered the roots can rot. Adding gravel or pebbles to the bottom of the pot will help with drainage.

Feeding the soil once a month is recommended.

Devil's Ivy is toxic to all domestic animals.