Cast Iron Care

Posted: Jul 21 2017

Cast Iron is a fantastic material used to make many kitchen items. Its extremely strong and with a little care and attention will last for many years and do the job superbly. At Nook we currently stock two cast iron items; a Pestle and Mortar and Nutcracker. Here are a few tips for day-to-day care of your cast iron...

For the pestle and mortar, if you are grinding dry herbs and spices, you may well not need to clean it after use, a quick wipe with a kitchen towel is enough. If you notice the smells of strong spices are retaining on the surface of the mortar, grind some dry white rice until the aroma has gone and discard the rice.

Dry up! Its important to keep cast iron dry between use, this means not allowing it to sit in water and drying thoroughly with a tea-towel after washing. Cast Iron can rust if not kept nice and dry! 

Oil. Regularly wiping a small amount of cooking oil (such as sunflower or vegetable) over the entire surface of the cast iron will help protect it from rusting. If rust does form, scrub with wire wool and coat with oil.