Asparagus Fern

Posted: Jun 25 2017

Not infact a fern as its name and its feathery, bright green foliage would suggest, the Asparagus Fern originates from South and East Africa and is known for being a reliable and hardy houseplant. Its fronds can either climb or hang and it responds well to trimming and pruning. It has delicate white/pink flowers followed by red berries.

Plant Care:

Keep in a space with plenty of light, direct sun is not needed but will speed up growth.

Allow the topsoil to dry before watering. Keep the plant in a fairly humid environment and mist occasionally, our brass mister does the job perfectly! If the leaves are turning yellow, try watering more. If they are browning, you may be watering too much.

Sandy or Loamy soil is best suited for Asparagus Ferns and fertilise once a month if its in full sun, more often if not. 

Although related to cultivated asparagus spears that are eaten, this plant isn't edible and should be kept out of reach of pets.