A Peek Into Pentel

Posted: Jun 11 2018

Pentel was founded in 1946, and originally named ‘The Japan Stationery Company’, later changing to Pentel, a combination of the English words pen and tell, coming from the idea that the instruments would be used to tell a story by the user. They are credited with inventing none other than the original felt tip pen and provide a massive range of writing and drawing implements.

The sign pen, a cult classic available in 11 colours, was a flop at first, gaining popularity after being adopted by US president Lyndon B Johnson after he was given a free sample. The pens appealed greatly to a nation which would often sign their name by hand, due to their free flowing, brush like nib. The pens were later used aboard the spacecraft Gemini 6, coming in handy as an alternative to traditional ball point pens which wouldn’t work in orbit due to the lack of gravity.

Fast forward 72 years, and Pentel’s popularity hasn’t run dry. They are still creating quality, precise pens and pencils, used and adored worldwide.