Modernist Lives with Stefi Orazi

Posted: Sep 20 2013

We have been big fans of Stefi’s work as an illustrator of modernist buildings for a while, but she now also tantalises us with modernist homes for sale from Crystal Palace to Ipswich through her new 'Modernist Estates' blog. 


1.  Tell me a bit about yourself and how you came to end up living/working in the Hackney area

I always say I’m a graphic designer, but I’m probably better known as an illustrator of modernist buildings. I run my own design practice in Dalston which I set up in 2006. My first studio was near my home in Clerkenwell, but I’ve been nudging further and further East over the last few years.



2.  Describe your work and style.

The prints that I’ve been doing of buildings are very graphic — reduced shapes in block colours. I’ve recently expanded to other products including homeware and textiles which have a similar approach.




3.  What influences and inspires you?

Clearly modernist architecture, my very first flat in London was in the Barbican, and the obsession grew from there. But also artists such as Paolozzi, Enzo Mari and David Gentleman.




4.  Tell us about a typical working day in the life of you.

I recently started a blog where I feature flats in modernist estates for sale, so my day starts with scouring any new properties for sale at home with coffee. Then normally get into the studio for 10am. I work for a number of galleries and museums designing books or exhibitions so most of my day is taken up doing that, it's so varied I'm not sure there is a typical day. 

I never sit down to think about new product ideas, I just let them come to me. I wouldn't want to force ideas for the sake of it. If I come up with a new product or print I'll usually spend the evenings working on it when I don't have the pressure of 'normal work' and clients. 

5. What do you get up to in your free time?

I think I'm quite lazy in my spare time. I don't really like planning anything, knowing I have something I have to do at the weekend stresses me out - I prefer just to float about, but recently (God, I sound so sad) I've been going on a lot of 20th Century Society walks, or exploring new estates in London I didn't know about.


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