Introducing Hampson Woods

Posted: Sep 25 2013

It was great to welcome Hampson Woods to Nook as part of our 'Hackney Designs' exhibition for the London Design Festival.
Hampson Woods are a Hackney based duo who make wooden products from the UK’s fallen trees, echoing the homewares market’s desire for sustainability and patiently made, good quality pieces. The provenance of their items remains a key factor in their work.
To get to know a bit more about Jonty and Sascha we asked them to tell us some more about their work and themselves.
1. Tell us how you came to live/work in the Hackney area:
J/S: Hackney always seemed to offer more than other boroughs. It was diverse, a bit rough, had beautiful buildings and was cheap (at the time).
2. Describe your work and style:
J/S: Our work is true to the timber and shows off its simple elegance. We take pleasure in creating beautiful objects; and everything we make is designed to last for a long, long time.
3. What influences and inspires you?
J: People, nature, old things and old ways.
S: The world around me.
4. Tell us about a typical working day:
J/S: Emails followed by coffees and chats in the workshop whilst the day’s production is mapped out. Then making boards. Then usually emails.
5. What do you get up to in your free time?
J: Books, walks, music and lots of thinking.
S: Family, cycling, drawing and painting.
6. And finally, tell us the best way to enjoy a day in Hackney:
J: Stroll the parks and markets, find a nice pub.
S: Enjoying life.


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