Introducing Ote

Posted: Aug 15 2013

We are delighted to have some pieces in store from new contemporary furniture and accessories design company, Ote, who use traditional materials and modern manufacturing techniques to create their pieces, all of which are designed and produced in the UK.



'Table Top Series' / Bowl with two trays: £85


The first collection, the 'Table Top series', currently showcased in Nook, combines oak and cork to create beautifully functional pieces for the home. We asked Ote founders Luke and Ed about this choice of materials:

'Cork is a very versatile material and it's enjoyable to work with. The first collection is all about using it as an interior skin and a compliment to the hard, protective oak exterior. We worked hard to create a continuous and faultless transition from the oak to the cork, so it feels like a single surface with a simple change in texture. The sound deadening properties of it were also important from an experience perspective. We wanted to lessen the audible feedback when items are put into the vessels. Our focus was on achieving a satisfying, muted quality, which suggests higher levels of protection'.


'Table Top Series' / Nest of bowls: £85


Luke then told us more about what inspires the team behind this new design venture:

'We like products which are simple, reduced and grow with you over time. Its the more considered and contextual approaches to design that inspire us and often these methods give birth to longer life objects. Equally the formal qualities of the items we produced (in terms of proportions and line) are a signal of of how we want the pieces to feel. Our 'Table Top series - Nest of bowls'  for example all have a low centre of gravity and a a 'visual weight'. They sit comfortably on a surface and we hope they have a sense of warmth'.


'Table Top Series' / Large bowl: £60


And why having the range all made and produced in the UK is so important:

'The UK has a rich history in producing well made, hand crafted product. We are very proud to make all of our work here and we value the opportunity to collaborate with other specialist manufacturers. You can tell when an object has been carefully finished and assembled. There's a level of finesse there which is synonymous with UK production'.


'Table Top Series' / Bowl with tray: £85


And finally, what is coming next for Ote....?

'We are currently designing a new collection called 'Work' which consists of a chair, table and desk tidy and we are hoping to introduce some new materials and finishes within this series. Currently we are in a prototyping phase where we create what we call 'physical sketches' to understand proportion and ergonomics. Its a nice time of exploration and contemplation, before we complete the final specifications'. 


Thanks to Luke and Ed for answering our questions and we look forward to following Ote on what promises to be a long and exciting journey.