Meat N16's top tips for Turkey

Posted: Dec 15 2015


We asked our neighbours at Meat N16 for their top Turkey tips for cooking the perfect Christmas dinner.

Their turkeys are reared in a farm in Essex and hatch in July/August, starting life indoors then moving outside when they are strong enough to fend for themselves and can run free in the fields, before coming in for the night. Meat N16 favour the slow growing, traditional Norfolk Bronze breed of Turkey. 

Here are their top tips:
  • When ordering, allow about 500g per person
  • Don’t be tempted to overcook your bird. Allow 30 minutes per kg and 30 minutes extra.
  • Pay attention to your bird and baste well every 30 minutes
  • For bigger birds, it is sometime worth asking your butcher to take the legs off and cook them separately.
  • Buy a decent meat thermometer. Your Christmas bird will be the focus of your groaning table and you want to make sure it’s cooked perfectly. Make sure that it gets to 70 degrees.


For some wine tips, another of our neighbours, Borough Wines, are doing an advent calendar of their wine choices for the festive period, with free tastings in the store every day between now and Christmas, so get tasting and pick your perfect tipple.