'Lotus': Iconic Scandinavian Design

Posted: May 07 2013

Arne Clausen worked as a decorator at the Norwegian factory Catherineholm during the 1960s, Catherineholm started out as an Ironworks in 1907 which manufactured wrought iron items and farming equipment, but due to economic changes it evolved into producing enamel kitchen wear (closing altogether in 1970). Many of these increasingly popular enamel wear pieces were adorned with the now iconic ‘lotus’ pattern as designed by Clausen. This pattern has recently been reproduced onto a range of ceramic bowls by Danish design company, Lucie Kaas, as a tribute to Clausen’s timeless Scandinavian design, which we are delighted to now be stocking in Nook.

Available in both  medium and large sizes, these bowls are available in navy or coral on a white background and make a great centrepiece for a table, ideal as fruit or salad bowls. 

Bowls come boxed.