Splendid Sloe Gin!

Posted: Sep 14 2015

This is the perfect time of year to make sloe gin, with sloes freely available throughout the UK, they are often found growing in hedgerows - though be careful of their thorny branches. When left to steep in gin, with sugar, these small purple fruit make a delicious winter tipple. 

Simple to make, all that's required is a little patience, but it's well worth the wait! 


 - Sloes

 - Gin

 - Caster Sugar


The measurements don't need to be exact, just pick enough sloes to half fill your chosen container, one of our glass Weck carafes would be ideal. Next put the sloes in the freezer overnight, this simulates the first frost (traditionally when you are supposed to pick sloes) and helps release the flavour of the fruit. Once frozen, add the fruit to your container, top it up with the gin then add a couple of large spoonfuls of sugar. The exact amount depends on how sweet you like your gin. Then you must be patient! Leave the gin for at least two months, longer if you can. Turn the container regularly, or give it a shake, this helps the sugar dissolves and get the full flavour from the fruit. After two to three months your gin is ready! It is delicious as a gin and tonic, or just straight up.

You can substitute vodka for gin, if you prefer, or try other seasonal fruit, such as damsons, for an alternative flavour.