It's a Snip!

Posted: May 26 2015


We have recently introduced a range of scissors to our collection from William Whiteley & Sons, a scissor manufacturer based in Sheffield. The company started in the trade in 1760, making it over 250 years old, and one of the last two remaining scissor factories in Sheffield - down from over 150 as recently as the 1970s. The company has now passed through eleven generations of the same family. William Whitely & Sons was awarded prize medals at the London Exhibitions of 1851, and 1862. 

The company is proud of it's reputation for producing high quality products and continues today to invent and innovate to match the requirements of modern manufacturers. Their precisely made products have a wide range of uses, and are used in every industry from fly fishing to Formula One racing car construction! 

Shop from our collection, including these super useful Kitchen Scissors, a classic pair of weighty Paper Scissors, Pruning Scissors for all your gardening needs or these neat Weaver's Shears