Cook Roast Lamb with Meat N16

Posted: Mar 30 2015

From left to right: Enamel Roasting TrayTea Towel, Opinel Pen Knife (available in store), Hampson Woods Board & Baker's Twine


We are very fortunate to have such excellent neighbours in Stoke Newington, and as Easter is upon us, we asked Paul Grout, the main meat man at our brilliant local butcher, Meat N16 on Church Street for some top tips on roasting your Spring lamb as part of a delicious Easter meal. (
Paul told us:
'The arrival of Easter often coincides with the arrival of New Season Lamb. This year will be no exception and we will have beautiful, delicious lamb from the farms in West Sussex and Essex.
At Meat N16 our focus is on creating lasting relationships with our farmers and producers. It is paramount that we know how our Lambs are bred. We want to know that they are born on the land and live on the land in a non-intensive environment, with space to roam and the opportunity to feed naturally.
For the Easter weekend, we will have a full display of the finest lamb that we can find. A leg on the bone, or boneless, is always the most popular and most traditional family cut, but more recently many of our customers have been experimenting with slow cooked Shoulders. A boneless, rolled Saddle always seems a bit more decadent to me, and equally as tasty. If you are thinking about a more personal Easter lunch for two, maybe a Lamb Rump will be the answer for you.

Here are my tips for cooking your own Leg of Lamb (circa 2kg / 2.5kg)' 


  • Always make sure you have a big enough roasting tin. Give the meat room to cook.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 190° (Gas 6 / 7). Peel and roughly chop some root vegetables and scatter them over the base of the roasting tin with some fresh rosemary.
  • Season the leg. With a sharp pointed knife, pierce the leg in about ten places. Push a small amount of rosemary into each hole. Some people like to push sliced garlic into the holes as well, or even anchovies. This is purely dependant on your own taste. Rub olive oil all over the leg and sprinkle well with ground black pepper.
  • Place the leg on top of the vegetables in the roasting tin and move to the oven for 45mins. As the leg starts to give off some juices, stir the veg in the bottom of the pan and baste the leg.
  • At the halfway stage, it’s worth adding a healthy splash of red or white wine to the roasting tin. This will start to create a juice in the bottom of the pan that will eventually make delicious gravy.
  • Return the leg to the oven. Another 25mins will cook your leg to the ‘Pink’ stage and another 45mins will get you to ‘Medium’ stage.
  • Remove the Lamb from the oven and cover loosely with foil. Allow to cool for about 15mins before carving.