Making the most of your scented candles

Posted: May 08 2015



Scented candles are always a treat to have at home, and can be enjoyed throughout the year - here we look at the range we stock at Nook and have some tips for how to make them last as long as possible...

At Nook, we stock a selection of what we believe are some of the best scented candles out there; Skandinavisk, made by an English duo based between Denmark and Sweden, Laboratory Perfumes created and made right here in London. And recent additions to our range are Couso De Fil Blanc, handmade in France and, also based in France, Kerzon, where each candles comes accompanied by a scented sachet to pop in your bag or drawer. 

By taking a little extra care when burning your candles you can ensure you get the most out of them, here are a few tips:

 - It is always better to light scented candles for shorter lengths of time, rather than for an entire evening. This maximises the scent, and will make them last longer. Try to ensure the wax has burnt evenly around the wick before blowing them out. 
 - Cut the wick to a length of 1cm before lighting it, and make sure it doesn't exceed this - it will cause your candle to smoke and burn more quickly. Also avoid letting any bits of wick or spent matches fall into the candle, these can also cause smoking. 
 - Make sure you protect any delicate surfaces below a burning candle by placing it on something, a mat or a saucer, to prevent heat reaching the surface, should it burn down.
 - Keep your candles out of drafts, this will make them burn unevenly. 
 - And most importantly, NEVER leave a candle burning unattended!