Bialetti - Get the best from your coffee pot

Posted: Feb 09 2015

The Bialetti 'Moka Express' coffee pot was designed in 1933 by Itailian egineer, Alphonso Bialetti. By the 1950s it had become a design classic and staple of many Italian kitchens. The aluminium pot features an image of a mustachioed man based on a cartoon drawing of Alphonso.

The pot is credited as being part of the movement which brought coffee to the masses, previously thought of as a drink for the upper and middle classes due to the fact it was only available in coffee bars, pots like the 'Moka Express' were small, affordable and widely available. Coffee was soon available to drink in the comfort of your own home, and the rest as they say, is history.

At Nook, we sell three sizes of the Bialetti 'Moka Express' - 1 cup, 3 cup and 6 cup.

A few tips for getting the best from your 'Moka Express':
 - Don't use coffee that is too finely ground, medium or course ground coffee is a better choice. 
 - Only wash your pot with water, don't use anything abrasive such as wire wool. Also, if possible, wash by hand as the dishwasher can affect its performance.
 - Make sure the pot is completely dry when you put it away after use, and don't screw the parts together too tightly.

Did you know? Alphonso Bialetti is the grandfather of designer Alberto Alessi.