Let's Meet... 'One We Made Earlier'

Posted: Aug 15 2014

We spoke to Emma, one half of the husband and wife team, 'One We Made Earlier' about their background, inspiration for their resin and cord necklaces, and a 'typical' day in the life.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your background
One We Made Earlier are Rob and Emma Orchardson...a husband and wife team with backgrounds in fine art and design. We met at art college in Scotland before moving to London to study some more at Goldsmiths college. London has been home for many years now and Rob works mainly as a contemporary artist and I run One We Made Earlier in the day to day alongside juggling caring for our two young children! We have been keen to work on a collaborative project for a while, so in 2013 One We Made Earlier was born!

What's the 'philosophy behind the product?
We make bold products that combine a simple, refined aesthetic with a sense of fun! 
We hope that people will enjoy both wearing our necklaces or even looking at them hanging on a wall as an object!

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! We read widely and visit exhibitions regularly but also find inspiration wandering around interesting shops or through taking photographs of daily London life. (See our Instagram account for daily shots of London life @onewemadeearlier) 
More specifically, if we had to name a few things...Bauhaus simplicity, the rawness and sculptural ambition of brutalist architecture, Memphis use of colour and pattern, the boldness of Constructivist design, the sense of fun in futurist stage set design.
Where are your products made?
We make our necklaces in our main studio in Deptford, south east London or in our new garden studio. Rob is mainly found in our studio whilst it is easier for me to work from home in south east London. 
What is your studio/office like?
Our Deptford studio is populated with a wide range of wood working tools and equipment to cut and drill the parts for our necklaces.  It is a lovely light space with big windows and wooden floor.  Most of the initial machining and drilling happens there.
In our garden, we have a small studio where I work on hand finishing the parts, assembling the necklaces and packaging orders for customers or shops.
Describe a typical day in the life of you...
No day is ever the same for us so it is hard to describe a 'typical' day!
We have young children so each day does involve working around school runs and childcare.  
There are always parts that need sanded and assembled so I am often working on that while running the administrative side of things - from keeping on top of orders and liaising with stockists, to ensuring we have raw materials and parts we need and managing accounts or updating social media.  
Rob focuses on machining and drilling parts in the Deptford studio which he then brings back home to be finished off by me.  
When particularly busy, work often spills into evenings and weekends to keep on top of things. It can be a bit crazy, but we are working on a project we feel excited by and it is great to see people enjoying wearing the necklaces we have designed! It's also lovely to see our work sit amongst other beautiful products in shops that stock them.
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