Let's meet.... By...

Posted: Jun 05 2014

David Weatherhead is one half of London based design team, by... We asked him a few questions about the brand.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your design background:

by... was founded by George and myself in 2013 as a platform to design and make simple, playful, useful items for the home. Previously we’ve designed independently and together homewares, packaging, signage, way finding, and exhibitions for brands including Seletti, Teroforma and The Dorchester Collection.

What's the 'philosophy' behind your work? 

Simple, playful, useful! That’s as close as we get to a brief!  We’ve definitely got a colour and toy thing going on.

Where do you find inspiration?

Life, the everyday (I take a lot of photos) travel, Art Brut!  

Where is your work produced?

All of our products are ‘made by Britain’ and most are ‘made by Tottenham’. Our timber machinists have been making from their workshop on Tottenham High Street for over 65 years. Our powder coaters is just off Tottenham High Street and our screen printer is on the Hackney Road. Working locally works very well, there’s a lot of high quality making in London.

What is your studio like? 

The studio is a shared with two other design companies, there’s always something going on! At the moment our stacks of part- assembled Daniel Weil clocks are filling up the communal work benches. There’s also a beagle most days, the newest, youngest addition!

What are you currently working on/what's in the pipeline?

We’re currently working on new things for September! Our collaboration with Daniel Weil has also just launched. The by…Daniel Weil ‘Time Machines’ collection coincides with the current exhibition of Daniel’s work at the Design Museum. It’s our first collaboration and something we’ll be looking to do more of with other designers.

Describe a typical day in the life of you:

Today so far has been emails! The rest of the day will go a bit like this; a trip to storage, packing a wholesale order for Italy, meeting our photographer Petr to go through quite a few thumbnails…some more emails, a phone call about an exhibition, a modification to a technical drawing for something new we’re working on…