We are two: Looking Back

Posted: Apr 28 2014

Wow! We can't believe it's been two years since we opened ours doors, in that time we’ve launched our website, hugely expanded our product range, had plenty of fun and made lots of new friends!


To mark our second birthday we have been looking back to the products we opened with back in April 2012 and have each picked out a product that means something to us.


Kate: I have always loved the Norsu Moneybox Elephants, they are such a great, simple design yet also have a function. I also like the fact they have a 'heritage' and a story behind them - they were made to be given away to children who opened their first back account with this large Finnish bank in the 1970s - we get a lot of Scandinavian customers for whom they bring back a large wave of nostalgia! 


Gemma: I came across Baggu a while before we opened and was immediately a fan, and it was great to open with them and to still be working with them now, they have become one of our most popular products. I really like the range of colours they offer and the fact they work seasonally, we and the customers always look forward to getting the new collection of colours in. 


Jack: Gemma gave me a Matt Pugh Wooden Owl before Nook was a glimmer in our eye so it seemed an obvious choice when we were putting our wish list of stockists together. I like the fact they are made in England by a small company, and are all hand made to order. We have also recently started talking about doing our own bespoke colour which is really exciting, so watch this space...