Let's meet.... Crispin Finn

Posted: Jun 05 2014


The trademark of the dynamic duo of Crispin Finn is that all their products are exclusively in red, white & blue. We met up with the pair in their Studio in Dalston to find out a little more...

We started by asking the pair about their background and how Crispin Finn came about.

Roger: I did a fine art MA at Chelsea, but was always obsessive about objects and about graphic design, euphemera - stuff that was interesting to me but that wasn't really experienced in painting. 

Anna: I was a graphic designer at an agency, I was interning and Roger was also working at the same agency, that's how we met. We then worked on an artists catalogue together and just found that we worked well together. As is often the case, Crispin Finn really came about in the pub as did our first product, the wall planner. 

Why are all your products in red, white & blue?

Roger: We started making all out products in red, white and blue to keep things simple and practical, we were determined to keep the quality of the products as high as possible but we didn't want them to be too expensive so by using less colours we could keep the costs down. A friend of ours had the screen printing equipment which they lent us and we then went on to create the first wall planner. We also have always liked things being in red, white and blue and have always been attracted to items such as old stationery and the classic 'Air Mail' letters which traditionally use just a couple of colours. Originally red and blue were cheaper pigments to make which made them more affordable colours to use on mass. 

We do use other colours for our commercial work which differentiates it from our own products, and we also found that our independent work wasn't like our Crispin Finn work which has mhade it a good way to create an identity. 

How and where are your products made?

Anna: We make as much of it as we can ourselves, all the paper goods are made here at our Studio by hand. We don't do limited runs of our products as we like the idea that our work isn't 'exclusive' and is available to everyone. The tea towels are all made and printed in the UK as well, we like to keep things made locally as much as we can.

Where did the name Crispin Finn come from?

Anna: Roger's middle name is Crispin and embarrassingly, when I was younger I used to love entering competitions and I made up an anagram of my name so I could enter competitions more than once - a kind of alter ego - and the first name was Finn. It was Roger's nickname for me when we first met, and now it's the name of our whippet! 

Describe a typical day in the life of Crispin Finn:

Roger: We always take Finn, our whippet, for a long walk in Victoria Park, near where we live, in the morning which is a great way to start the day, we then come into our Studio in Dalston and depending what we have on will alternate between printing our own products and working on commercial work for clients - recently we have been doing a lot of work with Byron Burgers. The screen printing we do for our own products makes a good contrast to working on the computer. We tend to stay here til 7pm - 8pm at night most days. 

How long have you guys been going and what's in store next?

We have been working as Crispin Finn for about 6 years, exclusively for about 2 or 3, but we have done 6 wall planners now. And we've been in the Dalston Studio for 2 years. We are taking part in Design Junction this year in September so we want to do some new work for that, including some more child friendly prints, and we also want to start working with some new materials such as fabric - so we'll start experimenting with screen printing onto that. 

Crispin Finn prints are available in store and shop for their teatowels here