How about a Kaweco? A short history

Posted: Apr 04 2014

Kaweco is born of the oldest factory in Germany to produce articles for writing with, it opened in 1883 in the back of a carpenters shop in Heidelberg and was originally named the 'Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik' - literally translated as the Fountain Dip Pen Factory. At the turn of the century two of its salesmen took it over and it became the 'Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik Koch, Weber & Compagnie' - rather a mouthful - which was soon shortened to 'Kaweco'.

The firm went from strength to strength and was recognised for producing high quality pens with their signature golden nibs, including the Kaweco Sport fountain pen which we stock at Nook. The round, short shaped pen was deemed suitable for sportsmen and officers.

The company faced many tough years as the Great Depression in the 1930's took its toll as well as heavy competition from new, modern pen factories that opened up across Germany - many of which were opened by previous employees of Kaweco itself. But the name endured and today Kaweco are recognised for their reliable and affordable pens that still bear the original 'KA-WE-CO' name.