Green Fingers!

Posted: Feb 04 2014

We have been going crazy for cacti and succulents this week, and on receiving delivery of these new mini enamel beakers from Falcon Enamelware, couldn't resist filling them with some equally small plants, just look at them! 


The mini beakers are available here, and are just as good for a morning espresso or serving salt and pepper. We are also selling them in our Stoke Newington store, complete with your choice of succulent or cactus, but be quick - they won't be around for long! 


To help get you started, here are some hints and tips for perfect plant care:


  • Succulents and cacti make great house plants, they are relatively low maintenance and with the right care and attention they will thrive.
  • They only grow during the summer months, meaning they are dormant throughout the winter. Give them one last good feed at the end of summer, this will see them through the winter months.
  • They ideally need 2-4 hours of light per day, so make sure they are in a light place but not in direct sunlight. Don’t let them get too cold, but equally they should never be too hot, so make sure they aren’t on top of or too near to a radiator or heater. Cooler is better.
  • To water your succulent or cacti, pour water directly over the top of the plant, until it runs through the pot. Don’t let them sit in any water. In winter they only need watering approximately once a month, more often in summer. They are better off on the dry side, rather than wet.
  • The key things to remember are: Bright, dry & cool.